Phuket Girls, Ladyboys and Nightlife Tips

Phuket girl tips
Phuket girl tips

Bangla Road is world-renowned as the beating heart of Phuket’s nightlife – there is nowhere else on the island which comes even close to the same high-energy party atmosphere! The road and all of its side sois are packed with nightclubs, beer bars, go-gos, touts, peddlers, street performers and much more.

Bar Girls in Patong – First Dates

Beer bars in Patong (and throughout Thailand) have up to 10 ‘hostesses’ willing to go with visitors for money. Many girls are looking for a boyfriend, some for a short time, others longer term, though in both cases they are usually looking primarily for a financial asset. If you get on well, she may well accompany you on trips around Thailand, providing fun company and local insight, but you will have to negotiate a rate first. You will also have to pay a ‘bar fine’ each time you go for a ‘date’. After that, it’s up to you!

Patong night club
Patong night club

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Bar Girls in Phuket – A Few Tips

It’s generally good advice to stay with a girl for only one night. This avoids the situation where, after two nights, she considers you her boyfriend. This can produce jealous tantrums if you look at or are tempted by other girls – even if you are paying! If you decide to take her on trips, be prepared to pay for meals, tickets and extras. A gift will be expected, usually anything gold or valuable.

Bar girls have been frequently associated with certain scams, so any dealings with them beyond the first date should be taken with extreme caution. The above is general advice based on general experience, but not every working girl is the same. You can have lots of fun and a great time, if you remember that working girls work for money!

Phuket night club
Phuket night club

Ladyboys and Katoeys

Katoeys (transvestites or ladyboys) are widely accepted in Thai society and it is not that unusual to see them in everyday life. However, they are still especially prevalent in the nightlife scene and, with modern surgical techniques, it’s harder than ever to tell that they were born male. Often taller, slimmer and sexier than real girls, usually with more pronounced curves, they tend to be a lot more ‘feminine’ than necessary and sport a flouncing walk. Usually wearing large, fancy, colourful dresses when walking up and down the street to attract customers, their outfits shrink to the bare legal minimum when working in bars. If you are still not sure, a good way to catch them out is from their voices, though some have had years of practise and can still fool you.



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